Sunday, February 13, 2011

Syarikat Kiew Brothers Dried Meat

Our friends (an American woman and her Chinese husband who was born and raised in Seremban) came over on February 2 which happened to be the Eve of Chinese New Year. They brought with them some local delights that they thought we might not have tried.

Dried Pork Pieces

Sure enough we hadn't tried the Syarikat Kiew Brothers Dried Meat which is apparently very popular in Malaysia especially around Chinese New Year. The meat tastes very sweet and is soft. Like very good bacon. Incidentally, the bacon cut and produced in Malaysia that we have tried cooks up white and isn't like traditional bacon. To get that you have to pay a big price for imported products like Hormel, etc. Anyway, we liked this product although it is a bit greasy, it can be used instead of traditional bacon for a good Bacon Lettuce and Tomato sandwich or even for breakfast. Although, they told us this brand is considered the best and costs around 80 RM per KG! They told us that the way it is eaten is by itself as a treat or as a sandwich with a bit of manoyaise and some Floss (below) also sprinkled on the sandwich. We tried making sandwiches like this but didn't care for it much. A BLT would be better.

Package of Floss

Dried Pork/Ham Floss

We are less excited about the Floss, although we should try to sprinkle some of it in a vegetable stir-fry or think of other ways to give it a try.

For more info on Syarikat Kiew Brothers there is an article here.


  1. Hiya, a little off topic considering the post but I was wondering if you could help me out a little. I'm from the uk and my husband is planning to look for a job as a software engineer (preferably for IBM) in malaysia by the end of this year. He does have experience and pretty much all that is required but would you know how we go about looking for jobs? I also wanted to know what the immigration system is. I would not be working and am a mother of two young children.

  2. Hello from Seremban!

    The best place to get info on working in Malaysia and posting your questions on it is on the Allo Expat Malaysia Forum here If your family is going through a company, they will have to sort out the working visa as one is required for your husband if you are going to stay here.

    If you want to pursue getting your family's visas out side of that route, you could consider the Malaysia My Second Home Programme which offers 10 year renewable visas for your family if you qualify for the program and meet their requirements, more info here:

    Best wishes and see you in Malaysia!

  3. This is barbecue meat actually. Chinese wine is also used to marinade the meat before cooking over a charcoal fire. The meat can be pork, chicken or even prawn. My mom used to make it at home. You can take it as a snack with beer while watching TV. Some peole like to eat it sandwiched between 2 slices of bread. The meat floss can be eaten sandwiched in bread slices and buns. Use butter as spread instead of mayonaise. This does not look or taste like the Western ham or bacon. I think it is just a translation from Chinese to English in the packaging.