Saturday, August 6, 2011

Orange Flowers in Planters (help please!)

The plants I bought awhile ago for the front two planters weren't doing so well (see them in their glory here). I had to take the flowers off every day and they dried out and grew too high. I should have known because I had similar plants as annuals back in New York and by the end of summer they were always overgrown and looking scraggly. So I bought these orange flowering plants which I hadn't seen before.

As I was potting them my neighbor stopped by, she told me they are sometimes used for Indian prayer and that they are always flowering and grow a bit taller.

I searched for the flower online but haven't found any match. Anyone know what this plant is called?


  1. I'm sorry I have no idea. I've just started buying flowers from a nearby nursery to decorate a ledge outside my bedroom window. Still don't know what they're all called though :)

    Duncan In Kuantan

  2. I think it is a Crossandra. The Indians sometimes tie it with jasmine and use it as a hair adornment or offering.

  3. It's Crossandra! I have this at my home too!

  4. Hello to all

    Yes, I looked it up, definitely a Crossandra!

    Thanks for your help!!!