Sunday, January 23, 2011

Inspiration for the Second Guest Bedroom Color

We have been thinking about what color to paint the second Guest Room on the main floor (formerly the Maid's Room). We have so much grey in the house, we are thinking about a very dark blue color. The photo below shows the Nippon colors but the photo doesn't depict the color really well. The samples are actually darker. We will have to do a test color because blue is a tricky color to work with. Basically, we want very dark walls to make the room cozy and so we can put up a bunch of small artworks which will stand out on top of the dark color. Colors we are favoring Wira Blue 471 and Seclusion Blue 201A.

The images above come from photos we took at the Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion otherwise known as the Blue Mansion in Penang when R and I stayed there a few years ago (on our first trip to Malaysia). It is truly one of my favorite hotels in the world (not the most comfortable, but the one with a lot character and charm). Anyway, I was thinking all along about painting a room the blue mansion blue, I even contacted them to find out the color awhile back. They let me know it is called indigo but it is the special process that they use with the plaster that gives the color its multi-layer depth. I love this color, but think our room needs to go deeper.

David Lynch's Blue Room

Twilight Tones Article in Ideal Home Magazine (UK)'s February 2011 issue has some ideas on Blue

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