Friday, July 22, 2011

Porcelain Blue Disaster

We finally chose Nippon's Porcelain Blue 241A for the 2nd Guest Bedroom on the Main Floor. We picked it over the darker colors because we wanted it to be radiant and rich. But, the painted samples show it is way too bright in a bad Liberty Blue kind of way. Hideous. R and I thought maybe we shouldn't go with Blue at all, but finally decided to give Seclusion Blue 201A (one of our original choices) a try. It is darker and has more of a grey base it won't look like the Blue Mansion in my post here but that's okay. We brought the big 5 liter can so there is no going back now!!!!


  1. The blue under the window looks good.

  2. Hi Sean,

    Actually they are both the same color. The one under the window just looks darker. These are both Porcelain Blue. I'll run a Seclusion Blue test if I have time, otherwise, jut start to paint.