Saturday, November 26, 2011

Bougainvillea Around the House

The orange Bougainvillea around the house is finally blooming in all wall planters at the same time. Some planters are full of more blooms than others, but they all have flowers!!! Some of the flowers are leaning towards pink. It has been over a year since they were planted.


  1. Such bright orange salmon blooms. And the contrast with the dark planters bring out the colour even more. I've always loved the variegated leafed ones. They look bright even when not in bloom.

  2. i agree with the other comments about the color of the bouganvillea...what a great choice! just beautiful. sounds like a wonderful adventure to live in malaysia. i look forward to reading your posts! ~ daricia

  3. They are lovely indeed! We call it 'bunga kertas' in Malay meaning paper flowers.

  4. Sean- the landscaper insisted on variegated and I was fine with it, it was about the only really good thing he suggested. When the flowers aren't in bloom much the variegated does give it more color!

    Daricia- Thanks, I love the photos on your blog!

    Autumn Belle- I had no idea that they are called 'bunga kertas' but they are just like little paper lanterns aren't they, the name is quite suitable. Will reply to your email soon!