Sunday, November 13, 2011

Master Bathroom Pendant Light and Stones

I had bought this pendant light for the Master Bathroom awhile back, now finally it has been installed with the other lighting. By the way, you'd think it would be easy, we could just call one lighting guy and he could install all the fixtures in the house that we needed done (this round was something close to 20 fixtures and even after this we still have something like 7 fixtures left to fully finish the house), but no, in order to get things done before Sweet Home magazine came to do the photoshoot I had to call a number of electricians. Of those who were available, I booked a few and some showed up, some didn't. For the ones that showed up, they would do some fixtures but not others for various reasons (no tall ladder, not their thing, etc, whatever) so I had multiple electricians doing work at the same time to get things done. This, I have found seems to be the best way to handle a situation when you need something to get done fast in Seremban. If you believe someone will come at the scheduled time or be able to do the work when the person gets to the house, you will be disappointed. Double/triple booking seems to be the only option.

For the shower area, we found, actually R found these greenish stones that we added around the wooden slats. They turn a lovely green like the photos above when they are wet.

And are a softer color when dry.


  1. The wooden slats are lovely. Where did you get that from and is it hardwood or composite that looked like wood?

  2. Hi Sean

    Sorry for the delay I've been a bit sick. I bought them at the stone and garden shop here in Seremban. They are solid wood like the kind they use for decking, in fact, I think they are decking. The guy couldn't tell me what kind of wood it was when I bought them. They have a clear varnish on them.


  3. No worries, get well soon. Ic, it adds a very nice rustic touch to the bath. I've seen Maya Hotel in KL use 'fake' wood, but the 'feel' isn't the same as real wood.

  4. Hi K,

    Mind to know where to did you get the pendant light for bathroom?