Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bamboo Grass

I’m too tired to write about the fan installations and the ongoing hotwater heater installation issue, so I will post R’s work for today. He has been working on the back brick wall and clearing the landscaping getting ready for the landscapers to lay the grass and rocks once the house exterior is painted. Today he tackled the large patch of Bamboo in the front yard. Being in New York Zone 6a in the past, my garden could never have taken Bamboo, hence, no idea what to do with it. But we were driving to Seremban 2 Jusco a couple weeks ago and there were some men trimming the bamboo along the road. Later, we saw that they had cut away the bottom part of the ‘grass’ leaving the bamboo exposed at the bottom. So today R got his saw and clippers out and started to work on the large bamboo patch in the front.

Along the way, he encountered two snails that lived in the center. Contrary to what we thought we knew about snails, these two moved fast and got back into the center of the bamboo immediately after I had a chance to snap a photo of them. We have also noticed a lot of empty shells in the yard as we were cleaning up.

According to Wikipedia, “Bamboos are also the fastest growing woody plants in the world. They are capable of growing up to 60 cm (24 in.) or more per day due to a unique rhizome-dependent system. However, this astounding growth rate is highly dependent on local soil and climatic conditions.” Let’s see how fast this one grows!

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