Saturday, June 5, 2010

Kitchen Work Has Commenced

The Hood

Yesterday our contractor B began work on the Kitchen. First up, hacking the wall open to make an electric socket for the Hood (a new model Zen TSC HD 636 D from the Tuscani ‘Zen Collection’).

It seems hacking the thick plaster walls is common here especially to install new air conditioners. Part of the reason we bought this house was because all of the 9 air conditioner units' wires were already in place so all we thought we needed to do was get the air conditioners (although now we find out if we are going to use the energy saving inverter air conditioners, we’ll need to re-work the wiring or use one specific brand. We plan to use only 7 of the 9 AC connections but that is still a lot of ACs so more on how the AC installation goes later).

But, we have already had to hack a wall upstairs to make a switch for the water pump which is in the attic/roof space (more on residential water systems in Malaysia later including hot/cold water, pumps, electric water heaters verses solar water heating panels, main house water filters and drinking water water filters... our house is lacking some of these necessities so there is a lot to cover here). But for now, the Kitchen work has commenced. The wall has been hacked and offsite the cabinets are being made in B’s factory.

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