Saturday, June 26, 2010

TM and Landscaping

Yesterday we went to TM which is Malaysia’s phone line company which also offers Broadband service. We went through the application for a phone line and internet for the rental condo last October. At first they told us that foreigners have to pay an extra 1,000myr deposit. But we convinced them that we are with the Malaysia My Second Home Programme and are not staying here temporarily. Our visit yesterday was to transfer our phone line and broadband accounts to the House. Awhile back they told us that it would take between 1-2 weeks to make the transfer (very inconvenient for us as we are on the internet all the time). But yesterday the representative told us it will take only three working days to complete. We are happy but skeptical because she said that within 24 hours our services would be turned off at the condo (it’s over 24 hours and we still have service) and secondly because there has never been a phone or broadband account for the house. We see phone line jacks inside the house, but have no idea if they will be able to use them or if new lines need to be run.

Well, we might we offline for awhile.

PS I snapped a shot of these bushes or trees??? which are quite popular here in Malaysia on the way to TM. I am thinking about planting one at the front of the house between the front door and the covered patio. Think it might make a nice base for the front landscaping which I am currently wondering about.... should it be fuller with more green or more minimal with those pellet rocks that I always see with minimalist/contemporary homes... more rocks and less plants near the foundation of the house.


  1. If you want to save electricity, forget the dryer but you don't need to hang your clothes outside (where they will get bleached by the sun). What I do is put the clothes on a metal frame in the "wet kitchen" then put a powerful floor-mounted fan blowing air on them. They are dry in 3 or 4 hours, especially if I put the extractor fan in the wet kitchen on and leave the window open, so the humid air gets pushed outside. Works well for me.

  2. By the way, on the subject of internet, I recently switched from Streamyx 1megabit to Unifi 5 megabit. Makes a big difference and you do actually get the 5 megabit most of the time (at least here in Ampang) provided you don't download huge amounts (e.g. if you downloaded lots of HD movies it might start to go slower for a few hours or days to "punish" you).

  3. Thanks for all of your great comments on the blog!

    I will definitely keep Unifi in mind if Streamyx starts giving us problems again. It has been pretty good for awhile.

    Thanks again!