Friday, July 16, 2010

Malaysian Lizard

Yesterday as I was opening the back door from the Kitchen to the Wet Kitchen area I spotted a large (large by my stardards) Lizard on the back wall of the property; the wall isn't far from the door or wet kitchen, so I was a bit startled! I've never lived anywhere where lizards are right outside before! I'm fairly sure it was a lizard. I called R and he came downstairs to take a look, he was able to snap two photos before the lizard went hiding inside one of the wall drainage holes. I checked "Malaysian Lizards"online and don't think there are any images of this exact type. The lizard had a snake-like face with a long snake-like tongue that he kept outside his mouth. He looked a bit sinister and scary. We waited for awhile to see if it would emerge, but it did not.

If anyone has any idea what type of lizard this guy is, please let me know. Thanks


  1. could it be a Monitor Lizard?

  2. it looks like a mengkarung/bengkarung to me. this type of lizard dont go into the house. it prefers in greenery/jungle. It may also be monitor lizard, a very small one. normal place you can find is in drainage/ water passage.
    Both are harmless and wont go into the house.