Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Nippon Malaysia Exterior House Paint

So our first attempt for the exterior house color in Nippon was Noble Grey 9572.

It is the sample color in the photo above painted on the wall between the windows second from the right. And in real light looks much too Silvery-grey. So we tried again.

Choosing a more beige color (which was against what we wanted to do) we picked Nippon Cement 9507. And when put on the wall (as pictured above) it looks more grey than beige, which is closest to what we want. So we are going with it, because it looks ok with the green windows which can't be painted (arrggghh!!) and will look ok with the Grey color we are painting the roof tiles.

So we can now choose the timber color (the strip of wood that falls below the roof and above the exterior walls) and also a paint color for the border property concrete walls at the side and front of the house. By the way, the Nippon Cement 9507 can't be mixed as a 5 year color, it has to be made as a Nippon Weatherbond Advance 8 or 10 year color. The price is 115myr which is 5myr more per 5 litres for the 8 year verses ICI pre-mixed at 110myr. We can only hope that it really does last an extra 3 years!

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