Friday, July 9, 2010

Malaysia Tile Roofs

I mentioned we are on our second roof contractor... the first wasn’t really doing the work needed. While the house hasn’t been lived in, the tile roof has still been exposed the hot sun and heavy rain for a few years. To make matters worse, the houses in this development were built with too low of a slope which has caused leaks. In order to fix the problem the pitch of the roof at all the corners needs to be raised. So we have reluctantly hired the second group to rip open the roof and fix it so we shouldn’t have any problems in the future (I write this with only a small amount of hope because the weather conditions in Malaysia are harsh). We are doing it now to stop any leaks before we paint any more of the plaster ceilings (have already done the master bedroom, dressing room (walk in closet) and our home office).

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