Monday, August 9, 2010

Kitchen Almost Complete!

The Kitchen’s nearly complete, B has to do a couple more things and the custom made Stainless Steel Table which is over 9 feet long has arrived but can not fit through the doors (after we had them measure twice and they promised it will fit). So tomorrow they will take off the metal legs and then re-weld it together in the kitchen! We plan to do our cutting and a lot of food preparation on the table and on the far side by the door to the wet kitchen add a few stools so we can sit around it while we cook, maybe eat in the kitchen if it’s not too hot. It will be nice to get it in place. I added a few plates and asian bowls on the shelves as a sample how it will look, but need to get some stacks of plates and bowls (like I see in the cooking shops in Thailand and Malaysia and some places in the Middle East). The idea was to have it look like a working kitchen where the plates and bowls could be grabbed as needed, not as a ‘display shelf’ so I guess I better take down those display plates on the top shelf because they aren’t looking right at all.

Table badly needed in center of room!

Above is a close up shot of the Hava handles used on some of the cabinets. The other handles are Ikea Lansa (not our favorite design, but the only ones we could find which were long enough for the tall pantry doors).

The Stainless Steel Table sitting in my Living Room


  1. May I know how high is your table top (*exact measurement)? We bought the exact same free standing cooker, and the measurement in the booklet states it is 900mm in height, which if I match my table top height to 900mm, it seems a bit high.

  2. Hello

    First of all the Tuscani Cooker has been great! The cooktop is fantastic and came with a iron cast wok attachment that works great on the burners. The oven works a bit strangely, in that it uses a fan or other modes and sometimes doesnt heat up fast, but the taste of the baking is really good. I'm still playing with the cook time and temperature adjustments for recipes.

    I went and measured for you. My countertop is 89 and 8/10 cm high. The Stove stands exactly 91 cm high (I know it said 90cm or 900mm, but I measure now at 91). It may have to do with the legs and these round plastic pieces at the bottom, not sure if they can be adjusted up or down. We just left it as it came out of the box.

    So the countertop is slightly lower than the cooktop, but I think it looks ok because there is stainless steel on the sides and the stove is not much taller than the surface. I am used to higher countertops like this size in the US, in Malaysia they tend to be lower. I am 5 feet 8 inches tall and this height is perfect for me. I think standard Malaysia countertop is 87cm high,if I remember right, which might be too low for this standalone cooker.

    I also measured the deepness of the countertop from wall to outer edge- it is 64 and 3/10 cm deep. Which leaves 4 cm of open space at the back of the cooker and then the unit is flush against the cabinets at the front (door handle extends out farther). My installer said the cooker needs the space behind for cooling, I'm not sure, maybe you can make the space less because it is not too appealing having the space back there especially because a stainless steel backsplash came with the cooker which we attached to the back so it sticks up a bit at the back (I guess this is to eliminate food falling in the back. I dont think you need to use the piece, but we thought it made the cooker look better and it has proven to be a good thing while cooking on the stovetop.

    Lastly, the space between the two countertops where the cooker is placed I measured at 91 and 1/10cm. Again, they told me that we needed a bit of space between the stove and cabinets. This measurement seems good, not too much open space between the stove and cabinet.

    Hope this helps,

  3. Hello,

    Thanks for the detail measurement given. It really help me for my discussion with my installer on this coming Saturday.

    By the way, can you post more photoes of your standalone cooker together with your countertop?
    Just wonder how it look the area between the stove and cabinet on the right hand side of the kitchen cabinet.

    Best regard,

  4. Sorry Alex I am on short trip. Will try and take some photos when I get back. My contractor tried to put the stove right next to the other wall in his design, but my thought is that there needs to be some space on the side of the stove if it is at a corner (so the door can open and the cooking area doesnt seem cramped). We designed it with a small narrow vertical door to the right of the standalone cooker so I could put my cookie sheets in there. But when they were installing the kitchen, they didnt calculate right and didnt have enough space to add the door; we finally opted to put just a piece of wood to the right of the cooker to make some space. I'm not really happy with it, I think he could have calculated better and made the cabinets to the left of the stove slightly smaller to give more space on the right. But, this is how it ended up.


  5. Hi K,
    My mum placed a deposit for the exact same freestanding cooker during HomeDec 2010. I've just been trying to research more of the oven (I assume the burners would be great already) as I'm considering of getting another built-in oven (which is 60cm for smaller bakes and dishes) in the dry kitchen area. U mentioned something about the fan and it takes longer to preheat?
    Is there an option to not turn on the fan, just top and bottom heat will do? (please email me, tried looking for ur email but not too sure where is it swee[dot]san[at]gmail[dot]com

    Thanks in advance :)

  6. Hello Swee San

    Yes, the oven has different options. Actually there is regular cooking which is with no fan and takes longer to heat up and cook, but at least it doesnt make the fan noise. Then there is a baking button which uses the fan the instructions explain it more, but if I remember right the fan is to circulate the air to cook the baked goods like cookies and cakes faster and more evenly. Although now the fan is making even more noise and causing the back flap on the back behind the burners to rattle.

    I like your idea of another smaller built in oven that you can use more regularly. If you have the funds and the space go for it. I bet you might use it more than the Tuscani oven. And it would make your kitchen look very full and we like full!!!!!!

    Please let me know how the cooking in the oven goes when you/and your mom get the kitchen working. I'd be interested to know what you think about the temperatures and if you think the oven is hotter or not as hot as other ovens you have had.

    By the way, be careful, the cooktop as it is stainless steel gets rusty fast. Try to clean off all water after every use. I know this is hard to do.


  7. hi...

    i just book tuscani freestanding cooker.buat after i did the review for Tuscani Italy,there not much review about it.Some people said the only put the Italy for the brand for look like imported brand.So,i just wanna know this brand worth to use or not for heavy cooker?

  8. Hi K,
    Do you mind sharing how's the TUSCANI cooker performance? Since my wife & I couldn't find much info on this brand. Besides Tuscani we would also like to consider Elba or Rubine.

    Thanks in advance.

    Norman & Wan