Thursday, August 26, 2010

Landscaping Pebbles

We had a landscape company out to the house to give us their thoughts on our plan. They said that the small pebbles are too small to use as they will spread even with a plastic barrier between the grass and rock.

So we bought a few larger rock samples. These cost 15myr per 20kg bag.

We are thinking of going with this darker color rock for the front and left side of the house.

They estimated that we need roughly 92 square meters of rocks! Which adds up in cost. So the landscaper suggested we use 'construction stones' (pictured above which are 60myr per bulldozer 'scoop' making them much cheaper). But we don't like the whitish grey color or the weird shaped rocks as much as the curved stones. Nevertheless, as we are on a tight budget, we might use these rocks at the back right side of the house behind the patio area where there is little sun and mainly just space for a pathway to the back of the house. We'll see what the landscapers overall qoute on the Cow Grass, Pebbles and plants for the planters on the long wall comes out to. If it is not too high we can use the nice rocks everywhere (provided we can get the 180-200 bags we need).

Above is the revised layout for the rocks in front. It starts by the tile instead of up farther by the driveway, and I widened the rock coverage in front of the patio area in case we want to put some chairs or lounge chairs out on the rocks (this is instead of building an expensive additional cover to extend the patio as most of the neighbors have done or to add flat wood decking which would be flush up to the patio tiles. Both options are too costly for us right now but maybe in the future).

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