Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Painting the House

On Saturday the Painters power-washed the house to prepare it for painting, they say it is important to power-wash all of the old paint off the house and any peeling paint before painting. It was a HUGE mess. Water seeped into the windows inside the house, peeling paint landed on the ground and surrounding bushes and trees and it still remains. Luckily, we haven’t done the landscaping yet. After the power-washing episode, the painters painted two coats of Nippon Vinilex Wall Sealer 5100 over the ceiling of the roof underhang and walls of the entire house. The sealer is very important in Malaysia, because without the sealer they say the cement walls will peel; it is true because the sample colors R and I painted on the front of the house had already started to peel (after less than a couple weeks! And when they power-washed the sample color sections on the wall, the paint peeled off in giant chunks because we didn’t use sealer under the paint when we did our test). Yesterday the painters painted the ceiling of the roof underhang and today they have finally begun to paint the Exterior Walls with Nippon Cement 9507.

House with two coats of Nippon Sealer

Seeing the house with the peach accent color gone and white from the the sealer confirmed our decision not to paint the house exterior bright white which we thought about doing during the color selection when we about gave up on mixed colors here in Malaysia. White looks way too stark for the house, think Cement will blend into the landscape better.

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