Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Buying Ground Coffee in Malaysia

I like real coffee opposed to the instant type which is quite popular here in Malaysia. So finding good ground coffee isn't impossible, but a bit of a challenge. I can always go to Starbucks and spend a huge amount on a bag, but I didn't do this in NYC and I don't want to do it in Malaysia either... The best and most economical I find is at Tesco which sells about three varieties of Tesco Finest (the one in the photo above is Java Sumatra) and costs about 9.99rm for 227g. It is decent enough.

With the exception of "White Coffee", the best ground Malaysian coffee I can find in Seremban is 'Kapal Api' (about 4rm per bag). It really isn't good by itself at all! It tastes like Turkish coffee, bitter and strong. So when the selection of the Tesco coffee is running low (as it is now) I sometimes mix the Tesco Brand Coffee with the Kapal Api and it comes out as a good daily Coffee mixture.

I should write a whole post on White Coffee sometime soon.


  1. I think you can find ground coffee in coffee shops that sell the Kopi-O. Well known coffee shops in town will have them. Usually they toast/roast the cofee beans using their family secret recipe. In smaller towns, you may find a ground coffee vendor at the wet market, night market or Sunday market.

    K, I have sent you an email about the bunga kantan seeds. I hope you can reply.

  2. Hi Autumn Belle,

    I didn't get an email from you yet on the bunga Kantan. Did you send it to my pinkgarden at email address?


  3. thanks for the tip! I was just googling around and stumbled upon ur page. I just bought a coffee maker and a bit lost on how to get ground coffee here in malaysia. everyone seems to be drinking instant coffee these days.

  4. Cold Storage in KLCC and elsewhere do a reasonable range of "foreigner" food requirements. I'm English but I've lived on an off in Malaysia for ~6 years, now got a Apt in Ampang.

  5. Appreciate and Like the info

    Thanks so much

  6. I have my own ground coffee ARABICA PREMIUM GRADE.. i do door to door service.

  7. I love grounded coffee in Malaysia, they are cheap and pretty fresh. Many town has their special roast like Ipoh white coffee and the Reggit coffee in johor.

  8. Hi,

    Anybody interested in buying organic himalayan arabica coffee, please contact me at 019-3159039 or mail us at . We only grind the coffee before we send it to you. Postage RM 6 west malaysia, RM 9 sabah & sarawak.

    RM 40 for 100 grams