Sunday, April 24, 2011

Galangal Plant Growing

Awhile back I wrote about the Galangal Rhizome I found at Family Store see here. I wrote that I might try to buy some roots from Family Store, and so I did. I put one rhizome in wet paper towel and plastic to see if it would grow leaf shoots. I let the bag sit for a couple weeks. Eventually I saw a green shoot and moved it to the Laundry Room where there is a large window. It keeps growing, so I guess it works. But now I'm pretty sure I don't want to put Galangal between our house and our neighbor's for privacy as I originally was thinking in my post here. I am currently thinking about Bamboo for this part of the property. But concerned bamboo will get out of control. Anyway, I need to find a place to plant this Galangal in my garden sometime soon... maybe the back corner.


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  2. Hi Kevin

    I have heard this is true for the smaller size bamboo I am thinking off. I heard it needs to be pruned alot which I dont really want to do. My giant bamboo in the front of the yard keeps growing and drops tons of leaves.

    Maybe I should reconsider and look more closely at the ginger plant because it doesnt get that big, and has really nice big red tropical looking flowers.

    Thanks again for your comment Kevin. Bell well.

  3. Here is a post on the big bamboo if you havent seen it: