Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bayam Merah

I bought a huge bunch of Bayam Merah a vegetable leaf that you can find out more about in the Wikipedia article on Amaranth. The first time I bought it here in Malaysia someone called it Chinese Red Spinach. So I have been preparing it as a spinach of sorts. Looking at the Amaranth article though, I see that many countries use this leaf in cooking. I'm going to check out how to make the Greece salad dish using this leaf called vlita or vleeta. What is best about it is that, unlike green spinach, when cooked the red of the leaf bleeds so when you mix the cooked Bayam Merah on say rice, the rice takes on a red color similar to the color of beet juice which makes for a colorful meal. Price of the bunch above 1.44 RM from Tesco.

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  1. A common Chinese styled home-cooked dish, is to stir fry with some garlic, shallots, ginger with onion flavoured oil. Add salt to taste and a little water (while cooking) to prevent it from getting too dry. This is our fast food to be eaten with rice. Same method for green amaranth and many vege dishes.