Friday, May 20, 2011

Bunga Kantan Thriving

My Bunga Kantan plant behind the carpark continues to thrive. I initially wrote about it here. Another Malaysian blogger Autumn Belle, who has a fantastic gardening blog called My Nice Garden, wrote me that from the photos on my blog she can see that my plant is generating seeds which is apparently uncommon. I do see the Malaysian Little Spider Hunter Bird hovering around the plant alot (see my post here) and so I think that is how the plant is being pollinated.

I sent Autumn Belle some of the dried brown seeds like above and a few fresher larger green and pinkish pods. She sent me some items in return which I will write about later! Anyway, she just posted a very good informative post on Bunga Kantan here asking her large readership if they have any experience with germinating Bunga Kantan from seeds. I hope that they can give us some advice or if anyone reading here has any advice please post it!

In the meantime, I planted two pots of Bunga Kantan seeds as a test. 4 seeds on April 24 and 4 more on April 29. You can see from the photo that nothing has sprouted yet in the Bunga Kantan pots. The other pot is a mango seedling that I pulled from the grass in the front yard. I want to see how that does, but I'm not sure I need anymore Mango tress on the property because I already have four and they grow pretty big.


  1. K,you are making me blush with your shout-out. I really don't deserve this. I am so glad to find you blog. It is indeed a bonus that we can become friends.

  2. Your bunga kantan look very suitable and pretty on that spot.

  3. Malay-Kadazan girl,

    Thanks for your comment. I've checked your blog and added it here as a link. I'll be looking more closely at the vegetables you are growing!


  4. K, I have received more than 20 comments but none talk about how to germinate the bunga kantan seeds!

    I have soaked mine in water for a day or so and while peeling off the seed coat, accidentally prised open the 'seed'. To my surprise, I found more inside, about 50 small seeds. It looks like what you have sent me were the seed pods! Which are you germinating? Did you receive my earlier email?

  5. Hi Autumn Belle,

    Yes sorry haven't had time to respond. I was very interested to hear that you found small seeds inside the pods (which I thought were the seeds). From vague instructions online, I had soaked my pods for over 8 hours then planted them directly into dirt and have been watering everyday. None have spouted to date and it has been over 4 weeks. So I guess that the seed coat should be broke open as you did because otherwise that pod is hard, how will the seeds get out easily. I should start a new experiment just as soon as my pods get a bit browner (in a week or two).

    Let me know if your bunga kantan seeds spout, then I'll know we are on the right track.

    Best to you Autumn Belle!

  6. K, my bunga kantan seeds had germinated! It took them about 1 month after planting in soil. The viable seeds are those from the pods that have not dried up yet. I could only use 1 pod. The other pods have rotted as I had placed them in the zip-lock bag to safekeeping. Looks like my safekeeping method killed the seeds :(

    Now, we know that you can save the seeds and send them to your friends within Malaysia, just that the seeds are only viable for a short period of time. Anyway it is always better to use rhizome method but if some people can't get the rhizome, then the next option is from seeds.

  7. Hi Autumn Belle!

    I hope you are doing well. Great to hear that your Bunga Kantan seeds I sent you have sprouted. I have two sprouts and have started another whole round of experiments with more seeds. Using the new seed pods as I think that is the way to go. The leaves on my sprouts are growing very slowly, which is not what I would expect given the rate of the main Bunga Kantan's growth which is so fast. Anyway, I keep watching. Do you need more fresh seeds? I do have some. Or if you dont need them right now, just let me know whenever you do.

    Best to you!