Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Planted Ixora Orange Plants

I planted four Ixora Coccinea Orange Plants in the square planter at the front left of the property. This planter is above the trash box / mailbox. I went with this orange plant opposed to something else because these plants, I have been told, can withstand a lot of sun and do not have to be watered everyday. I know this must be true, because I see many of these plants along the roadsides where they are not watered except for natural rainfall. No watering sounds good to me.

The plants in the planter (above left of photo)


  1. An excellent choice indeed. It was my first plant when I started my own garden. It has lasted 20 years with minimal/no care needed. It can even survive on its own. Caterpillars, drought, harsh prunning (almost botak) - no problem over the years! The most wonderful part - it is always flowering and it attracts butterflies. Some people think that it is too common here but it is the most reliable and cherished plant in my garden.

  2. Hi Steve

    Thanks! I checked your blog and found a lot of information and enjoyed reading your experiences many of which I can relate to. Is there any way to follow the blog via Blogger follow? I didn't see that option.