Monday, August 9, 2010

Corian Glacier White Solid Surface Countertops and Sink Faucets

On Thursday the Corian Glacier White Solid Surface Countertops were installed. Had we known we were going to use Corian all along instead of marble, we would have had B build the cabinet doors lower so we could have had a wider Corian edge at the front. The Corian Distributor cut and fabricated the curved edge for the undermount sink in KL and brought it to the house sealed in place, but it still took them nearly a full day of work to get the countertops placed and the seam removed.

After the countertops and sink were in B’s plumber fitted the Sink Faucet and the Water Filter Faucet. When we first started looking at faucets, we wanted one with the industrial type hose attached even if they were too trendy or already passé because our kitchen would be having stainless steel accents throughout including the stainless steel industrial center (instead of an island) which we thought would look great with one of these big faucets, but they were too expensive running 1,500myr and over. After looking for a long time, we finally found a smaller version at a more reasonable price of 400myr at our hardware store (Shong Heng the best Hardware and supply store in Seremban). The model came in Satin Nickel which looked better than chrome with the Bareno (Model UM 2039) sink we bought. So we ordered the sink faucet and it was sent from China; when it arrived it was this larger Genova Faucet Model (and Shong Heng gave it to us for the same price!). As for the VRH Water Filter Faucet everyone told us that in Malaysia you need a main water filter for the house and an additional filter in the kitchen for the drinking water as the water is very dirty. At first we thought we would get the water filter in the kitchen right away, but we have just hooked up the small faucet to the cold water for now as we are still thinking about if the water filter is really reliable enough, we aren't sure so we might just keep drinking bottled water.

B also installed the lower cabinets and handles... photos soon!


  1. Congrats on your new countertops! Looking forward to seeing how it all comes together. Feel free to share photos of your new countertops with us at
    – Christine from DuPont

  2. Thanks Christine!

    I don't have a facebook profile, but you are more than welcome to use the photos from my blog and post a link to my blog on the corian facebook page.

  3. i like u r kitchen design an interior...i want to follow u..but there's not have a follower in ur blog

  4. Hi Zaza

    That's a great idea, I added the Follower section to the right side of my blog. Thanks for the idea, please go add yourself!

  5. Hi K,

    Just wondering what is your experience with using solid surface counter top? Does is scratch easily? and hard to maintain?

    I am going to reno my kitchen soon too and the counter top selection is making my head spin. ;p

  6. Hi Chuletz,

    The Corian still looks great and is easy to clean by just wiping with a non scratch towel. But over time I have noticed when looking right at the level of the surface that there are a number of very faint scratches forming. They are forming more heavily in the areas that we use more, near stove and sink etc. But now even elsewhere. Visitors in the kitchen wouldnt notice these scratches, but I do. It really isnt bad yet. and I guess in a year or two the suface could be buffed to make it fresh again.

    We are happy with Corian as there are no seams and the kitchen looks sleek and modern. Much better than the marble/granite we were going to originally do. Mainly because we arent sure if some of the lower priced granite/marble (which was our budget) would have been properly sealed to eliminate staining on it and the possibility of a discoloration over time, but mostly because of the seams. It would have been pieces of marble (again our budget)from what i understand a lot of the marble in malaysia is smaller pieces and it is hard to get like 20+ feet of marble. So you would have the seams and it would look crappy.

    Anyway, at this time we would still recommend Corian. Corian is more well known in the US than here. Here you have LG and other locally/regional solid surface brands. At first we thought the price of Corian would be way too high (considered somehow expensive in the US) but we found the official malayisa dealer who quoted us a very good price using one of their basic colors for the original Dupont product (guaranteed to be authentic dupont). If you want to get a quote go to the source the nice Rep is named Andrew 016-339-8527. If you post any pictures of the remodel on your blog let me know, I'd love to take a look!


  7. Hi K,

    Thank you so much for your detail reply. :)
    I'll definitely be updating my blog about the reno... but right now, I am still dragging my feet about updating things from my wedding and wedding planning which was like 4 months ago. hahaha...

    Best Regards,

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