Friday, October 28, 2011

Guest Bedroom Lighting

As I worked to get the place ready for the Sweet Home magazine photoshoot, I found I had to make a trip to Ikea to get some things. Going to Ikea from Seremban is a half day event or longer, but there was some things I really needed. I picked up this Melodi ceiling lamp for the Guest Bedroom. It's not that great, but it works.

We had already bought the two small grey Ikea table lamps (not sure of the name) for the tables.


  1. Excellent combo! Am embarking on furnishing my place, blog walking to steal ideas :P

  2. Hi, I follow the blog with quite some interest. Although I am more interested in the house and the way you guys developed it from a standard place to something, which is worth shooting for a magazine :) Couple of comments, though, no pressure :) but the blog would be much more attractive to my mind, if you make more posts on your day-to-day life, like you did before. Restaurants, prices, actual cost of living, etc. I know a lot of people, looking at Malaysia as a place to settle, however, this first hand experience is rarely available anywhere, unless you have friends there. And many people don't, so, you are the reliable source of information :) Write more :)

  3. Thanks all for your comments!

    Ovonel- Best wishes on furnishing your place are you in Malaysia?

    Alex- Thanks for your comments, yes, I had trouble finding cost of living info when I was thinking of moving to Malaysia too. I'll try to post more of those types of posts soon!!!