Friday, December 9, 2011

Orange Berry Palm

I snapped these shots at the Sri Menanti Royal Museum (I wrote about the place here). Not sure what kind of Palms these are but the berries are beautiful and would look great in my garden as I am trying to include as much orange as possible.


  1. A Malaysia Project reader has just emailed me the name of the plant... she says it is Licuala grandis. I looked it up and sure enough, that's it!!!!!

  2. They turn red before dropping off (or being carted off by birds). Very stately palms.

  3. I think it'll look great in your garden! If you are looking for orange flowers, how about Bauhinia kockiana? It is a native plant of Malaysia with big balls of orange flowers in 3 tones. It is a vine which you can train up a fence, pergola or an old tree. The Equatorial Hotel in Bangi and Shangri-la Putrajaya has this.