Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Crab Place on Jalan Tok Ungku

We decided to go to the local Crab restaurant on the corner of Jalan Tok Ungku and Bukit Blossom instead of driving all the way across town to Seremban Seafood Village. This new place is called Restoran Mei Wai Hiong.

Well, let me tell you, it was bad. Bad, bad bad. The fact there were only one other group of customers when we arrived at dinner time was a clue. But, still, we wanted to see if the place might have good crab. The waitress suggested we have the barbeque Crab which she said was the best. So we ordered one 1KG of that and some Kai-lan vegetables and rice.

The place was unorganized, tv was blarring and the only people in the place other than the one table of customers were a bunch of family members who apparently owned the place all talking loudly at one another throughout our meal.

While we waited for the meal, they brought the plates and silverware in a plastic red bowl full of steaming hot water, well at least we knew the plates were clean.

When the vegetables and rice arrived we noticed that the greens weren't kai-lan but some other vegetable. Which tasted ok. We were so hungry we started to eat the vegetables and rice. The crab was nowhere to be found. 15 minutes or more after the vegetables were finished it arrived smelling strangely burnt. The crab didn't have a good taste, not as good as Seremban Seafood. Although this place's side dipping sauce tasted as good. So I used a lot of it to cover the taste. It seems they had just dripped barbeque sauce on the outside of the crab shells.

In the end, the place only cost about $4 US dollars less and that might be because she charged us less as they didnt give us a full 1kg. We definitely won't go back again.

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  1. Where's the crab? Looks like the vege dish tasted better than the signature crab dish. Off goes their business reputation!