Thursday, March 3, 2011

Living Room Coffee Tables

We haven't found any tables for the Living Room and we still aren't sure what we want B to make for us maybe one large rectangular table perhaps? I was thinking that right now the living room was looking a bit bare and a bit cold and un-home-like. So I pulled out the two 34" laminate pieces I had from B in brown and brought them down to the living room. I hadn't thought about two coffee tables, but I have seen some larger living rooms in magazines that featured two. So I placed the laminate on the floor in front of the sofa and sure enough, the two work fine. I had seen some concrete blocks in all kinds of sizes at the construction stores throughout Seremban. I love going to these places to see what materials can be used. Most places think it's weird that I'm out in their big grounds searching junks and construction materials. So I remembered these long concrete blocks that might work as the under part of the coffee tables.

I went back to the place and asked if I could buy a few instead of a full skid. Apparently they are used to make house walls here in Malaysia. So they let me buy 8 pieces and I loaded them into the car. Actually, I couldn't take anymore, because they filled up the trunk. The weird thing about these concrete blocks is they aren't as heavy as they look, but they are heavy enough!

So I came home and started playing around with how to build the base. I found that a table worked best with 8 blocks instead of 4. Which meant that I had to go back the next day and get 8 more blocks for the second table.

All in all, I think they look pretty good. Laminate cost 70RM for both and the blocks were 72RM so for both tables it came to around $47 USD. Not bad for some temporary tables.

I left enough space between the sofa and tables to fit the ottoman in front of the sofa for watching movies.

Below are some images of tables I have collected as possible table styles for the living room:

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