Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Our Neighbor behind us brought over this bowl of fragrant smelling fruit. She couldn't tell us the english name of of it. So During breakfast this morning we sampled the fruit which has a strong pleasant odor and a rich multi-layered sweet taste. The Fruit seemed ripe but was also a bit 'rubbery'. Overall, a fantastic tasting fruit that we had never tried or seen before.

Each piece of fruit looks like a hollowed out flower bud.

After searching yellow-orange flower bud fruits of Southeast Asia and looking at many photos, I finally came to the conclusion that the fruit is "Jackfruit". Although most of the photos showing the inner fruit of Jackfruit online look like a lighter yellow color, I did see some that are more the yellow-orange color of the fruit we received. We often see these large pods at makeshift fruit stands along the road and often with the more round pod which we think is Durian. We have wanted to try the jackfruit but never got around to it as we didn't know how to cut the pods, or where to buy the fruit already cut. Well, now we know and we will be looking out for more of it!


  1. and the seeds can be boiled with some salt and eat just like that after boiling

  2. and there's another fruit called "Cempedak", the smaller cousin of jackfruit. It adopts the Malay name as it does not have an English name.

  3. Thanks Ayah and Anne for your comments, I'll look out for both.


  4. Ayah, is right! Do try it but remember to remove the outer coat before eating the starchy flesh. Your nangka looks like the Thai honey nangka we get from the hypermarkets. It is sweet and tastes good.

    If you google, you find that it is quite difficult to differenciate between a cempedak and a nangka, only some slight differences, but the taste is different when eaten raw. Hope you'll get to sample some cempedak fritters (cempedak fried in batter) from the roadside stalls. I have never seen any fried nangka though, lol.