Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Kensington Seremban

Considered one of the best 'western' food restaurants in Seremban, this Kensington is in the Oakland area (not far from the new Tesco). We were told by someone that the restaurant is owned by a couple who lived in the UK for a number of years and now live in Seremban. There is another newer Kensington over at Terminal 2, Era Square in Seremban Town, but R and I have never been to that one. This Kensington is easier for us to get to. So yes the decor is dated! But the food is good! Someday we should try the newer location maybe the food is even better?

Usually we order steak, but we didn't feel like it on our recent visit for an early dinner. We opted for the 'Sizzling Chicken with cheese and ham'. It looks like a mess, but tasted good. We both commented, this is not something I would have ordered when I was living in New York City, far too heavy... but in Asia, its nice once in awhile to get something like this especially for the thick melted cheese and ham which aren't regular ingredients at restaurants here. So for one night it was good. Not sure we would order it again though. I think the plate was 16rm.

We also usually order the Moroccan Rice (normally with chicken, but since we ordered the other chicken dish we went for the seafood version). Well, the rice is always good and the side salad is so tasty. Those big prawns were very good. Not sure the price of this, but the whole meal including an appetizer of two giant fresh oysters stuffed and covered with cheese was 58rm.

619, Jalan Haruan 4/9
Oakland Park
70300 Seremban

other location:
No. 34 , Jalan Era Square 3
70200 Seremban


  1. Nice blog. Been following this blog with much interest cos we hope to explore Malaysia someday too. Already got the MM2H last year, a place in Penang, but stucked in California with the sun now. Keep your interesting blogs coming. They are not only an inspiration but a vicarious way for all of us here. Congratulations for having arrived in life. The rat race is getting fiercer in the US. You are the envy of many. Cheers!

  2. Hi Alan

    Thanks for reading our blog! We hope that you can get out of that rat race sometime soon and you can come to Malaysia and relax. Penang is fantastic! In the meantime, CA sun isn't all that bad.