Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Botanic Garden of Ubud

One of the places we visited on our trip to Bali was the Botanic Garden of Ubud. The place was empty when we went. You start up at the top entry building and walk down a series of stairs into different gardens. There is also the "Rainforest" that we attempted to walk through but after the second falling-apart-bridge literally collapsed in one section as R walked over it, we turned back. On the way out of that part of the botanic garden we noticed a sign that had been put to the side of the entrance, from the back we could read that the Rainforest was temporarily closed.

This strange tree pod was in the herbal garden, I think. Anyone know what it might be?

I love these, they kind of remind me of hostas in New York, but these were taller and on or near the water.

There was a huge orchid building with many orchid plants. Nearly every plant was not in bloom though.


  1. That's a lovely garden. Looks like a soursop growing from the stem.

  2. Wow You was lucky not to be hurt from falling bridges, but life is an adventure in it's self. I am like a big kid when I go to these places every flower or plant intrigues me, and I just have to take photos of them.
    the ones you said were like the new york hostas I really like, they would be great to ground fill and give tropical feeling to my garden,
    thanks for sharing with us all .

    regards John

  3. Fruit look like soursop. In Bahasa Malaysia it is commonly known as " Durian Belanda". In some restaurant that juice fruit is available. A very lovely and relaxing place!

  4. Yeah I think it is a soursop thanks!

  5. What surprises me is the degree of cauliflory shown here by the tree. Even though they are supposed to do that, I have only seen them flowering from the forks of the branches, and not the main trunk that close to the ground!