Saturday, September 24, 2011

Dining Room Serving Ledge

Before we went to Bali the last of the new items B made for the house was installed. We opted for a simple white seven foot Serving Ledge instead of a buffet or console as the space between the wall and the table isn't that deep. I like the sleekness of it. I'll try to find something else to place on the ledge or get a few more of these great Chinese blue and white serving dishes and line them up in a row of 5 or 6.

Now all we need in the Dining Room is a spotlight for the big wall. Eventually I want to put up six traditional bird color etchings (you know the kind you see in very traditional dining rooms) only I'll add some contemporary colored mats or even do some black and white ink drawings on mats and then frame them in strong silver metal. I change my mind all the time on this, and probably will many more times because the bird etchings are with my other art in storage in the US and I won't be getting it until we go back next year.


  1. That's a real good-looking dining room. You're doing a great job with your home!

    Duncan In Kuantan

  2. where did u get the serving ledge