Monday, January 24, 2011

On Sweet Thai Cuisine Seremban

We went to the second Thai Restaurant on our list. The one I have listed as "Thai Restaurant Seremban Location: near the Blossom Food Court on Jalan Tok Ungku." It is on Jalan Tok Ungku but look for the sign "Restoran Thai Food" on the same side as the Blossom Food Court.

The waitress suggested we try the Chicken Mee noodles, the fried Rice and for fish she suggested a fried fish instead of steamed. We went with her suggestions. The food was fantastic!!! After we finished our meal and the big mess was left on the table, I realized I forgot to snap a shot of the food before we started, oh well next time. There will be a next time because R loved the place (he was highly skeptical before we went)... he particularly liked the Mee noodles. This place was better, we think, than the other Thai place near our house (on Rasah Jaya near Rasah Jaya Food Court) the food had more ingredients mixed in and more layered flavors. But we love Thai so we should try the other place again and also keep our eyes out for more places... if you blink you can miss these places around here.

On Sweet Thai Cuisine
1978, Gorund Floor, Bukit Blossom
70100 Seremban

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