Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Asian water bowls

Today's an exciting day... R has said he will come to look at some water feature bowls at the local landscape center in Seremban after lunch today!!!! I want to show him the 'bowls' I'm not sure what they are actually called. But they are planters that don't have holes in the bottom and are glazed inside so that you can put various water plants in them. I plan to put water lilies!!!! I'm thinking about placing a big water bowl 32" round and possibly a 24" round and 18" round as a group of three on the tile section at the front of the house that is currently empty (see above). But maybe just one big one and planters of plants instead, I don't know.

These are the biggest and best I could find in Seremban (photo above 32" round). I would prefer plainer, but maybe the black ones are ok. Will get R's opinion on the matter.

Inside the 24" water bowl.

24" water bowl

Below are some photos I collected of water plants inside bowls. I have seen other, better images but can't find them right now. Oh, and the local ones I see around are even more beautiful. They look best when it looks like they have been there awhile.

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