Friday, April 8, 2011

Landscape Planters in Malaysia

We have been looking for planters for around our property. I haven't really found any large black pots in square shapes (which I would prefer) in Seremban. Actually, I haven't found anything perfect yet in Malaysia but I haven't been to many garden stores in Selangor where there is a better selection. But, of what I did see, the delivery costs (as the items are fragile) seem to be high and the selection isnt that much better. I think it's best to pick something from Seremban. So I was at the garden center near my house where I happened to find some nice dark grey /nearly black matte pots which aren't bad. And at 6Rm each, they are cheap. But the problem is they only had 6 and the pots themselves are a small. I figured I'd buy them to get some plants going in the yard and can move these to the back of the house if/when I find something better. So I bought a few plants to put in the two pots at the front of the car park and planted them.

A shot of the pots at the Seremban garden center

AAI places 4 pots along the wall by the front door and am now looking to see what kind of plants I can buy for them as it is low light in that section under the front patio. I will be looking for other pots/water bowls for the front section of the house that is tiled (will post soon on that).

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