Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Monkey Palm

While R's mother was here we went to some of the nurseries. She bought this nice dark grey/black planter for me. I had been looking around since she left to try and find the right plant to put in it. I finally decided on something with a bit of height. The nursery told me it is a "Monkey Palm". More research online and I found its name is most likely Monkey Tail Palm (Synechanthus fibrosus). Have been watering everyday and the plant seems to be doing fine.

The smaller pots are Jasmine I planted awhile ago. They don't seem to be growing much or flowering under the patio. I think they might need more sun or larger containers.


  1. Hmm, the leaves are palmate, more likely a Rhapis.

  2. You're good with plants, I think you are right it does look like Rhapis!

  3. Thanks. One of my favourite past time - trekking to go look at jungle plants. A lot of Malaysian nurseries are centers of plant misinformation.

  4. Absolutely, I just bought two small plants at a seremban nursery. I asked the guy what the plant was called and he said "Goldfish". I had to laugh. He told me they call it that because the flowers are the color of goldfish.

  5. Oh I really like that (Monkey Plant - Rhapis) been looking for something not to big but with good leaf spread for the balcony,

    The Jasmines are ok I have lots of them and they area doing every so well since I was told to mist them at night, now its hard to stop them blooming and the smell they give off is divine.

    They were same size as yours and now are about 4 feet after two years. My Favorite plants are Jasmines. I move them around to take advantage of the sun,

    Looking Good

    Regards John

  6. Goldfish..that's a good one. Got me laughing by myself looking at the laptop. Now my colleagues think I am nuts! haha