Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Panasonic MX-900M Blender

So I have been putting off buying a Blender since we moved to Malaysia. Every time I'd see them in the stores I couldn't decide what to get. I was looking for stainless steel to go with the kitchen or black to go with the coffeemaker. But many of the SS models are imported models and just way too expensive. You see I bought a blender back when I lived in New York . It wasn't that expensive maybe $75 USD (but you can get much better quality appliances in the US for less cost than Malaysia). I bought it to mainly make frozen drinks like margaritas, etc. And when I used it, the thing barely could crush the ice to make the drinks, in fact, I don't think the ice ever got that small it was more like shaved ice. This was disappointing. I figured I had to spend a lot more to get something that would do the job but never go around to it.

So being in Malaysia, I immediately thought... oh there are good fruits here, we can make all sorts of frozen drinks!!! Every time I was in a store, I would think about my bad blender in New York and not be sold on any of the Malaysian blender options.

Well, my parents from Virginia were just here to visit R and I for the first time and they thought I really needed a blender so they said they were going to buy me one as an early Christmas present! We went around the shops looking and I was still being fussy. One day we happened in my favorite appliance store in Seremban called Syarikat Hoong Bee (Jalan Tuanku Antah Jalan Rahang) where R and I bought all of our Panasonic products for the house. We have been pretty happy with the Panasonic refrigerator, washing machine, fans etc. we have bought from the guy Jimmy there.

Jimmy said that the best blender is the Panasonic MX-900M Blender (now R said Jimmy just says that because he sales mainly Panasonic, which is probably true), nevertheless, he said it is the model that all the commercial businesses use.

I wasn't crazy about the idea of buying a white blender, but I was trying to be flexible because my parents were buying. But I did like that the model had a plastic container instead of glass because many of the real glass models just seemed way to heavy. He said the blender was made in Malaysia which didn't excite me (although strangely the plug is not a Malaysian plug and needs an adapter?). So I said OK to this blender to put a rest to the whole situation! I bargained him down to 140RM (about $46 USD).

Right after buying the blender we stopped by a fruit stand and picked up some fruit. All the fruit above cost 2oRM (under $7 USD). One Papaya, two mangoes, bananas and some strange small fruits on a stem. Does anyone know what they are called? They have a white fruit and taste pretty nice. I mainly bought them to try with my parents as they were trying all the local fruits (they liked Durian!!!).

So we decided to make some Papaya drinks in the blender using the whole papaya, some ice, sugar and rum. We put all the ingredients in and turned the blender on it blended it in like 2 seconds! It was amazing, there must have been something wrong with that New York blender. I can't wait to blend tons of things like pesto with my Thai basil ...


  1. Those with a black seed in the middle? Longans...yummy yummy

  2. Oh wow - I am inspired, like you I searched high and low for a good blender in stainless steel and found the best buy in malaysia at that time 2006 was the Hanabishi RM70 with Ice crusher and auto clean. and its been going every day since. I use it to blend my protein shakes etc but I sure do prefer your ideas and recipes, its the RUM that did it for me.

    I have a bottle and use it now and again in my hot chocolate. good to help u sleep. ( well that's my excuse lol)

    but rum with the fruits ye har I will try it tonight. Cheers. John

  3. Sean... Yes Longans!

    John... Hope the rum version was good!

  4. hmm.. many electronics are now made in China. So personally, I actually prefer to buy electronics which are still made in Malaysia. hehehe...(you'll be surprise that many OEM in Malaysia are doing amazing things for the big brands out there)

    And not to mention, the blender is probably built to accomodate malaysian's love of blending spices (which are quite hard) to make curries and etc. :)

    Have you try dragon fruit? It is superb when blended with kiwi !!!

  5. I use a monster of a blender but my problem is that I underuse it. I'm inspired to do more with it now!

  6. Hi K,
    The small fruits on a stem are "logans". I find them as quite similar to "lychees" and "rambutans". They're all from the same family "Sapindaceae".

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