Saturday, July 31, 2010

Exterior Lights Removed

In anticipation that the exterior wall painters would be painting the walls of the house soon, we removed the 6 rusted lights from the front of the house. We plan to replace them with some of those black or stainless steel long cylinder type contemporary lights. We are leaning toward black, but will wait until the house is painted before deciding. We also need two lights for the exterior ceiling, one by the front door and one by the back door. Have been looking for contemporary hanging models that will look good with the cylinder lights on the walls, but can't find anything. The only hanging lights we are seeing in Malaysia are similar to the dated style of the lights we just took off or square wood/metal ones that have a 'tropical' feel (which we aren't going for). I also noticed there are some electrical wires near the wet kitchen, some at the back corner of the house coming out of the roof underhang (I think this is where many houses in the area attach long florescent lighting which we won't do) and some wires up by the side of the front door near the Bunga Kantan plant which could use some spotlights if we can find them.

One thing I keep asking myself is how can these things get so old so fast... the house is only a few years old, yet these fixtures are totally rusted. Or how the roof tiles have become damaged so quick. I guess it is the extreme weather I am not used to.

Below are the kind of lights we are thinking of buying...

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