Friday, July 9, 2010

Living in the House

Before we made the move last Wednesday to live in the house, we were able to get our Master Bedroom painted with the right shade of brown.

We also had a water source and drain pipe installed in the room near the kitchen that we are using as a Laundry Room and then installed the Washer and Dryer after painting it a light shade of grey (forget the Nippon color).

We chose the Panasonic NA 14VA1 Eco Drive Front Load Washing Machine as it is using an inverter and is water saving supposedly. It also has a 1400 rpm spin cycle which made it more powerful than the Bosch and Electrolux models being sold here in Malaysia we were also looking at. I may have mentioned that Dryers are not that popular here in Malaysia, most people line dry their clothes. So the dryer options are somewhat limited and expensive. Because it’s just R and I we decided to go with a low-end dryer as we are on a budget. The dealer selling us our Panasonic items said the most popular and reliable model here in Malaysia is the Fagor / Edesa Tumber Dryer. We chose model SE-60 T. When it arrived it seemed small in size compared to the washer and when it is working it goes off and on in a weird fashion, not what I am used to with other dryers. I wonder if it turns off and on because to keep it from getting too hot in the Malaysia heat??? Don’t know. But, at least we have a working dryer which I haven’t had since I left the US!

Since we moved in there has been a lot of activity on the house including our Broadband TM line being installed, so more posts on the way....

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