Friday, July 16, 2010

Metal Staircase

Gold Staircase after sanding it down (was brighter gold!)

A few days ago we started painting the Metal Staircase because it was black with a gold sponge paint-type pattern applied on top. We were told the designer creating the ‘look’ of the house did it before the house went on the market for sale. Was he responsible for the other hideous colors in some of the rooms like the teal sea-breeze green in the master bedroom (now the home office and now painted bright white)?

We chose Dulux’s Gloss Finish oil based paint in Obsidian Glass (Dulux OONN 13/000). The painting has taken much longer than expected as it is really hard to apply the paint and it doesn’t dry fast. We have finished two coats and a going to add a third on to the top railing later today. Tomorrow we can take the newpaper away and clean up. We like the color, but once again Dulux’s color at home differs from the sample swatch at the hardware store. We were looking for a darker color, but this is OK. Check the color online here. Maybe the Dark Side would have been better.

Using a grey on the metal was reconfirmed when I opened today’s post on CONTEMPORIST showing a house in Evergreen, Colorado built by Entasis Group, a Colorado-based design/build firm. See photo below, have been seeing other staircase railings in dark metal lately too.

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