Monday, December 6, 2010

Interior Painting

We have been busy working on the house the last few months. We had professionals paint the Living Room, Dining Room and Guest Bedroom on the first floor because we were having our first guests visit in October. What a rush to get the house habitable and furnished for the guests, but we made it just in time! We used Nippon White paint in the Living room and Dining Room. The photos here show before the room was painted after skim coating some of the uneven walls.


  1. The first and most important part of the painting process would be to appropriately plan things out. This would include the color choice. When painting a room, one cannot just look at the individual room and the feel or atmosphere that is trying to be created. It is wise to have the entire house or the same floor have rooms that are all painted in a similar palette. This will ensure that there is a flow from room to room and one particular room does not stand out drastically. One way to look at this would be by drawing a floor plan of the house and coloring in each room. All should relatively complement each other.

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