Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Main Floor Bathroom

Main Floor Bathroom snapshot from when we first moved into the house

I've mentioned that the mainfloor bathroom has the least attractive fixtures (light blue sink and toilet) and we sure wouldn't have picked Blue tiles for the walls and floors. But we have decided not to gut the bathroom for a couple reasons, first it costs too much, but second and more importantly, we have learned in Malaysia if something is working in the house it's best to leave it alone! If we have to deal with hooking up new plumbing and hacking the walls, we could run in to more problems. So for now we have decided to leave the bathroom as is. Well, it looks passable now as we have done a few things to downplay the ugliness and the blue of the room. The bathroom (which is somehow close to the kitchen) brings out the blue plate colors on the kitchen shelves to make the first floor have somewhat of a china-blue accent color scheme.

We couldn't find a mirror pre-made in the correct size that went with the Ikea cabinet we added in the room, so we had B our kitchen contractor make a solid wood framed mirror in the correct size and stained as close as possible to the dark brown-black wood of the Ikea cabinet. The mirror looks good enough for 70 RM, you can't complain at that price. But there is always something and when it was delivered it had two screw brackets at the top of the frame. B said he couldn't hide the screws behind the mirror. So I painted the screws white to hide them a bit, and I think they are passable. What a difference a mirror makes in the room!

There was no glass door for the shower area, so we used a shower curtain I had sent from the US. It was something I used in my house there. We couldn't find any good shower curtains here, I couldn't even find a white plastic shower liner for the back of the fabric curtain. I had to use a light beige one. Also the curtain had to be cut shorter, because the height of the wall was smaller than a standard shower curtain size.

Interesting to note that all of the shower heads that were installed on the bathroom walls were much to low, we had to adjust them higher by adding a new holder above the existing ones. We also bought new shower heads as the ones in the house were crappy. But shower heads here are really inexpensive as well as many of the bathroom fixtures in general. Chrome and stainless steel rust so quickly, so we have been holding off on the bathroom accessories until we find some that are good quality.

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