Monday, February 28, 2011

Common Myna Birds and Grass

One of our regular visitors in the yard are birds known as the Common Myna which often lurk around the yard pecking the grass and sometimes they sit on the roof and in the Bamboo and Mango Trees. I like their call which is pretty. I looked them up a long time ago and found that they are considered an invasive bird. One of only three birds in the world to be considered invasive because they inhabit an environment and then take over in numbers and they are somehow aggressive. I think this is possibly true because the Common Myna birds in Malaysia, or at least in my yard, are very strong and they seem to always be plotting for food. Our cat T loves to watch them but given the opportunity, I don't think he would attack them as the Common Myna birds might first attack him!

So our Cow Grass after the last mow is looking like this. And in some places you can see the dirt. It seems like the grass is getting very thin. And we had the thought after seeing a bunch of birds pecking in the yard that maybe they were having something to do with the grass thinning.

We sent some photos to Nilai Landscaping, the company that put the grass in and said we were concerned the grass was dying. This is what they wrote back:

It will not die off just like that, don’t worry.

Dead grass visible underneath is actually the “thatch layer” (please google for the meaning). Could be avoided with constant cutting (2 -3 cut per month) and sweeping off the grass clippings after cutting.

Grass that looks like it is growing vertically in certain areas instead of normal horizontal growth is due to lack of sunlight (insufficient sunlight).

Grass colour is too light green and it should be darker green. This is due to insufficient fertilizer.

Trusting the above is in order.

So we will now fertilize and try and mow the grass more often and see what happens.

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  1. Yours look like the common cow grass. I use Pearl cow grass which is darker green and fatter. I have never mowed my lawn as the grass never grew tall. I need to do some weeding though. At this moment, your grass looks quite sparse. When I first had a lawn, I realised that growing grass was not as easy as I had thought. I killed some healthy patches when I over applied the green granular type fertilizer and also the urea type. Now, I find that chicken organic fertilizer is better.

    Those mynas are quite noisy and lazy, especially when they try to snatch other birds' nests. Once, a nestling dropped down to my garden yard. When I approached it, her gang members were circling above my head, making threatening loud noices. Have you seen a bald headed myna?