Saturday, February 19, 2011

Instant Hot Water Heater Installation in Guest Bedroom

See my previous post on the problems we had in the house and hot water due to the malfunction of the Joven Hot Water Heater in the attic. We had to do an emergency installation of the Joven 880P Instant Water Heater in the second Guest Bedroom (formerly the Maid's Room) where there was no hot water pipes routed to the bathroom so we could install a portable instant water heater in the bathroom, actually it is the only option unless we wanted to hack the walls and add new piping which would have been a mess and very expensive as we would have had to re-tile the bathroom, something we didn't want to do!

We had already purchased the Joven instant water heater and planned to take the electricity from the ceiling light. But when C came to install it, he said that we couldn't use a 'light fixture' electric source as it wasn't strong enough for an instant water heater. Therefore, the only electric source for the bathroom was all the way in the guest bedroom itself from the room's only electrical outlet.

So C tapped into the electrical outlet, and ran external white plastic casing along the walls to get it to the bathroom. Here in Malaysia this external piping is quite common. Yes, it looks crappy and we know it, but we didn't want to hack the walls which would have been a mess, costly and in the emergency installation... would take too much time. So he rigged it up the wall. As we plan to paint the room a dark blue or grey, we will use a sealer on this casing and paint it too, hoping that it will take the paint.

C's first suggestion was to run the piping outside over the cornice!!! I couldn't bear that and so we reluctantly allowed him to hack open the plaster ceiling so he could get the electric cords threaded through the cornice with a minimal amount of damage. Now we'll have to have the plaster guy here to fix this hole.

He also made a small hole in the bathroom to get the electric near the wall where the instant water heater was to be installed.

You can see that that white casing comes down from the wall. Again, this is quite common here and our only option unless we wanted to rip the tiles out. All of this because the original contractor or first owner decided that the maid's room would be completed without hot water and therefore, no hotwater pipes or proper electric were installed in the maid's bathroom at the time of construction. So for now, we live with that ugly white casing. Joven 880P model is not a pump model as we did not need one, when we had tested the water earlier, we heard the pump come on and it was very good water pressure in the bathroom. At least the water is tied to the pump in the attic.

You can see that the installation is not complete, I snapped the photo above while C tried to go to a number of plumbing stores in Seremban to get the flexible hose that connects the water source (small hole in the wall) with the bottom right of the instant water heater as this hose wasn't included in the Joven box. All the stores were closed, so he went to his house and found an old hose to use on our unit temporarily. By early afternoon we finally had hot showers!!!!

Toliet which needs a white toilet seat.

Small sink intended for the maid. There will be no hot water here for our guests.

Basically the Guest Bedroom and Bathroom are looking pretty bleak at this point, but at least there is hot water in the bathroom now and in the photo above you can see that we had C wire the space for an air conditioner which we will install once the room is painted. After the plaster and re-working of the ceiling light points, painting and decorating is done, I hope this room will be cosy and inviting instead of the mess it is right now...


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