Saturday, February 12, 2011

Malaysia Common Kingfisher Bird

I was walking past the big windows in the second floor family room today and I saw a blue bird flying away from our property over to the treed area outside the neighborhood. I saw blue wings and body. It was a lovely bird I wish I would have been able to see the front of it to better classify it. Looking on Malaysia Bird websites like this I think that the bird I saw might have been a Common Kingfisher. I'll have to look out for the bird again. I'd really like to get a bird feeder to put up over by the large mango tree and the bamboo bush, because the birds like to hang out in this area, but I haven't seen a bird feeder for sale here or any seed!!!!!

Image from wiki commons of a Kingfisher Bird, wish I could have photographed the bird I saw

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  1. The kingfisher is my favourite and dream bird to have in my garden. How lucky you are!
    Isn't it gorgeous?

    I find it difficult to find a bird feeder here too. The only ones I can find are those meant for bird cages. I just bought a bamboo bird house at Pets Wonderland in Mid Valley. It cost RM 22.00. You can find bird seeds at pet shops and even sundry (grocery) shops. Some people buy them to feed pigeons in front of their premises. I have seen people using rice grains (cooked and uncooked) to feed the birds.