Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cost of Beans in Malaysia

Here are some fresh beans purchased at the Seremban Family Store. The Yard Long Beans
(Vigna unguiculata subsp. sesquipedalis) above at 1.79 RM (currently about 57 cents in US Dollars) for the bunch. R prefers these in his stir-fry while I like the smaller 'French' Beans below as I think the Yard Long Beans taste a bit rubbery when cooked. Nevertheless, I like to use them because I cut them about 6 inches long so they have a nice long shape which adds a nice dimension to the dishes.

The 'French' Beans cost 2.31 RM
(currently about 74 cents in US Dollars) per bag.

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  1. I am comparing with the Philippines. Foods are overpriced in malls, but I was offered 10kg of green beans in the market for around P200 ($0.40/kg).
    I must admit though Malaysia is the nicer place to live...but I wonder about the visa issues. You can stay in the Philippines 18mths before you have to leave, but you do need to pay $35/mth to extend.