Monday, December 6, 2010

Landscaping complete (finally)!

We had the landscaping completed before the guests arrived too! It is great to see grass instead of weeds and dirt. It really makes the house look better. We went with Nilai Landscape Sdn Bhd because they seemed the most professional and because their price wasn’t bad at all. We did go with cow grass in the end and it cut the price down significantly. We are happy we chose cow grass because it is much easier to maintain.

We used grey pebbles around the front and side of the house which took 140 20kg bags. After filling the space, we think we just barely had enough. We could buy some more to make it look better, but for now it is ok. We also used grey construction pebbles on the right side of the house behind the patio area, as it is not really a used area. It would have taken 50 more bags to fill that area. The construction pebbles aren’t bad at all, they look ok and blend with the asian grey pebbles where they meet. Someday, we can change them to the grey pebbles if we feel like it. Overall price was just over 6,000myr which isn’t bad for a yard as big as ours. Price included the grass, pebbles and the minimal landscaping at the front as well as the numerous Bougainvillea plants for the planters along the wall on the left side of the house.


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