Monday, December 6, 2010

Living Room Progress

We were able to get the basics in place for our guests. We purchased the grey sectional sofa from a furniture store here in Seremban after looking all over KL and Selangor, we decided this was the best couch we could find (designs are often overly complex or come in gross fabrics/colors). The sofa took two weeks to make because we chose a custom fabric, but two weeks isn't long for ordering a sofa in Malaysia.

While looking for the sofa, we were also searching for a tv cabinet. Wow is it hard to find a simple design anywhere in Malaysia. Finally we decided to have our kitchen contractor B make us a custom cabinet which is suspended from the wall. We like it, but it cost more than we wanted to spend! For the large screen tv we went with Philips LCD attached to a media player for playing films. The image is great, but the sound isn't so good. Next up will be an audio soundsystem for it.

We are still looking for a coffee table and side tables. If we don't find anything I guess we will have B make them.


  1. Hye, nice sofa. may i know where u bought it?

  2. Looks Awesome,
    Thanks for sharing it....

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