Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Flowerizing the Landscaping

I did get the three spiked plants at the front of the house, but we thought just the three bushes alone seemed a bit too stark.
So I had been seeing a lot of bird of paradise flowers (Strelitzia) in orange and since our color scheme for the garden is orange, I asked Nilai Landscaping for some bird of paradise plants behind the spike plants. I showed them the photo below that I took at a Seremban nursery of what I wanted...

What were planted are a bird of paradise plant (shown above), but in more of a red and yellow coloration. At first I wasn't sure if they would look ok, but R liked them and then we thought we could have the color scheme as predominantly orange with some red flowering plants.

I thought we might get some of the larger orange bird of paradise variety for the side of the house by the construction pebbles later, but am now re-thinking bird of paradise all together. We recently had an addition to our family.... a wonderful young cat named T who loves to go out on the patio and every time he goes straight for the bird of paradise leaves and starts to bite them. I looked up the plant online and found the flowers are poisonous so I don't think we will add any more on the property!

Above and below are shots of the orange variegated bougainvillea that was planted in the planters along the side of the house. At first they were all doing well, and it is now rain season, so we thought they would continue to grow. But two of the planters plants are failing. So I dug up some of the bad plants and mixed them in the good planters and took some of the good plants and put in the bad planters after digging around in the dirt because I think these planters weren't draining well out of the side drains. I hope that they will now start to do better as well. I'm watering them everyday.

I found this great orange plant at the Seremban nursery, they were all in bloom and looked great. I'm thinking about putting them in the front or back built in planters along the long planter wall. These remain empty for now.

I have lot's of ideas on what to add around the garden, some more trees, a couple palms in the very front of the property next the the road, and lots of other ideas and then there are those nagging thoughts of what to put in the flower boxes on the second story (yet to be built or bought) that won't require much work (i.e. water and care) and I really want to get some big planters for around the patio and front. I just can't find the planters I am looking for. But for now, the basics are in place for the garden.

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