Thursday, December 23, 2010

Home Office Bathroom

Now that the mirror in the mainfloor bathroom is up, I have to start looking for a mirror for the Home Office Bathroom. At first, I wanted a large plain mirror to cover the area, but I am having a hard time finding a company to get it from. I saw a mirror at Ikea in natural wood frame that might work. For now, I keep looking.

This is the light fixture that is above the bathroom vanity. It is pretty ugly and doesn't match the other fixture near the jacuzzi. I should look for another one that would look better, or figure out how to change the yellow color of the glass to beige. I dont really want to have to install another fixture because it means more holes in the wall, and we just don't know where the pipes run in the walls.


  1. Amusing, the fit out is the same as the houses in the Philippines. I wonder how prices compare. I guess around $50-60K in the Philippines. We bought a block for $40,000, ie 2000m2 in Lipa City, Batangas.

  2. Hi Andrew

    Well, I think Philippines sounds better in terms of price if you are saying $50,000-60,000 US Dollars. Here in Malaysia, we were surprised how expensive houses are. For a detached 2-story Bungalow (least common form of housing here)we weren't finding anything throughout Malaysia that was new-ish for under 500,000myr (currently about $163,000 USD) and that was the low end where there was hardly any selection and what there was was for the most part needing serious renovation. Detached bungalows in and around Kuala Lumpur can start at $1,800,000myr ($587,000 USD) and commonly go up to 3,000,000myr (just under a million USD)!!!