Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tomatoes in Malaysia

People outside of the country often ask how expensive is it to live in Malaysia. So for anyone considering living here, I’ll try to show the cost of items on this blog from time to time.

Tomatoes... when we first moved here we couldn’t find nice red tomatoes at the Seremban Wet Market and when we did, they were expensive. But early last year we started to see nice tomatoes at a low price. I was concerned they were going out of season when I couldn’t find any in my local ‘Family Store’ (a local run supermarket in Malaysia that often has the best prices). But, I found some in Jusco yesterday. All of these tomatoes (plus one we ate for lunch) were only 3.06myr that’s about 97 cents in US Dollars.

It’s best to use a vegetable cleaner on all produce here. One bad thing about Malaysia is that the water isn’t good to drink. So you have to dry fruits and vegetables before eating. Drying lettuce is the most time consuming job.

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